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Milan Might Single 269......((((((( 7777)))))

Dr jain Oct 09,2018 08:28PM

Mera pna pass 680""""gangrat kru bhai

Ameer Oct 09,2018 05:07PM

Miland night me jodi batao bailog

pradipjadhao29 Oct 09,2018 04:50PM


samir don Oct 09,2018 04:47PM

Pana 580""490"""450"""135"""457""790"""680""248""

Ameer Oct 09,2018 04:39PM

Jodi 3133""4342""6762""9196""

Ameer Oct 09,2018 04:38PM

Kalyan open 3469

Ameer Oct 09,2018 04:38PM


Ameer Oct 09,2018 04:38PM

Played with many websites till date all website's were good to play but for withdrawal all websites we're worst. This website is best for withdrawals after ematka this is the nly website which gave me fatest payment Thanks sir plzz keep the same n I hope my experience gets better day by day with u guys

avi7919 Oct 09,2018 04:29PM

6,7 Kalyan

samir don Oct 09,2018 03:39PM

This is the best website to play online matka

Kinjalghosh48 Oct 09,2018 03:23PM

They are very reliable about the payment u just have to ask once they will initiate the payment

Kinjalghosh48 Oct 09,2018 03:23PM

HATSUP ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ADMIN SIR..... GREAT JOB IN THIS SITE.... VERY VERY HARD JOB....SIR.... VERY VERY HARD WORK..SIR GOD_BLESSSIR...

BASAVARAJ 123 Oct 09,2018 01:16PM

Best Satta matka Play Online site I have experienced. Received withdrawal within 15 mins . This was for the first time of my withdrawal but had a great comfort about withdrawal without second message or call. I recommend to Joinn this site & experience the Joy of Winning because of Quick Withdrawal. Hat's Off to Play Win Team really they do work hard & fast for their Players. Thanks Once Again. All Best Wishes to You& sure Iwill also reccommend other to jion You. Good Luck & Good Day with lots of Thanks

jyotikumar Oct 09,2018 01:12PM

Excellent site in mataka.....deposit and withdrawal processing very very simple....

Vishnupsr99499 Oct 09,2018 12:32PM

Hi I win 13000 in mattka kalyan thank u mattka

G SANTHOSH Oct 09,2018 12:25PM

Best site for paly matka online instant cash deposite and withdraw in same day i will refer my friends also to play in this site only

Vish321 Oct 09,2018 12:22PM

Kalyan. 9999999999... 98,93,92, 44444444444, 48,43,47. 234,135,270, 347,257,455. Good luck

Amit Oct 09,2018 09:45AM

TIME STRONG OPEN 22222222222222222222 22222222222222222222 22222222222222222222 22222222222222222222 29 ------------------------------ 52 24 20 -------------------- 58 57 348 780 258 168 345 589 570 156 780 52 345 -------- 345 29 234 GOOD LUCK

Amit Oct 09,2018 09:42AM

Time me fer 15

TARA* Oct 09,2018 09:31AM

Super site super speed, 100%satisfying ok

TARA* Oct 09,2018 09:31AM

Karan hi I am new

Arun0 Oct 08,2018 07:49PM

Hi Sameer I am new

Arun0 Oct 08,2018 07:49PM


Arun0 Oct 08,2018 07:26PM

Awesome service

Karan Oct 08,2018 05:51PM

Good service from matkaplay. Net

Navodaya@6813 Oct 08,2018 05:38PM

Very nice site... Pure treatable.. Satisfied

samir don Oct 08,2018 05:38PM

Very nice site... Pure treatable.. Satisfied

samir don Oct 08,2018 05:37PM


Amit Oct 08,2018 04:10PM

Kalyan 48 and 84

irappak22 Oct 08,2018 03:14PM

Madhur close 0 5

Devdhruwa Oct 08,2018 01:21PM

Best services of matkaplay.net

Karan Oct 08,2018 09:53AM

Milan day close 2 ...3 singal Jodi As sakta hai

Sjjaiswal Oct 07,2018 03:57PM

Paise ki koi tension hi nhi hain istantly pay kar dete hain

Kinjalghosh48 Oct 07,2018 03:40PM

This is the best site i have ever used their service is very good and replies back instantly...and transfering money is so easy ....

Kinjalghosh48 Oct 07,2018 03:40PM is my super ratan close bets

Karan Oct 07,2018 09:38AM

Best site in india matkaplay.net . I recommend to all please visit now

Karan Oct 07,2018 09:37AM

Very super duper site...very easy to deposit and withdraw...nice play table...very easy to use...100 percent money guarantee

samir don Oct 07,2018 09:21AM


Mukesh881 Oct 06,2018 11:42PM

Bhai abhitak 8.30 wale do bets abhtak nahi aye hai

Sjjaiswal Oct 06,2018 10:30PM


santosh1984 Oct 06,2018 04:35PM

I'm all so happy whitdraw today

SRI laxmi T Oct 06,2018 01:54PM

Hello Frndz . . . This site is best for online matka play . . Easy deposit and withdraw . . . Bharose K sath play kro Best experience till now :)

amin12345 Oct 06,2018 01:42PM

Super fast service..... I withdraw my amount within 2 hrs

srisailam Oct 06,2018 01:06PM

Best service iam fully satisfied with the service very responsive site .

Bhavani Oct 06,2018 12:44PM

Ajj tara mumbai khelo OTC 2479

Ameer Oct 06,2018 10:30AM

Thanks vikkyjd sir thanks

SRI laxmi T Oct 06,2018 03:04AM


BASAVARAJ 123 Oct 05,2018 11:21PM

Milan clos 33333333. 4444444444

vkm888 Oct 05,2018 11:02PM

Rajclos 111111111 8888888888

vkm888 Oct 05,2018 11:01PM

Madhur close 6

Sharuk Oct 05,2018 09:57PM

Madhur close 6

Sharuk Oct 05,2018 09:56PM

Vikkyjd sir thans sir

SRI laxmi T Oct 05,2018 09:15PM

Raj Nt opan 8 3 Jodi 84 89 34 39

b 4323 Oct 05,2018 07:19PM

Vikkyjd sir tell me rajadhame close

SRI laxmi T Oct 05,2018 04:12PM

Rajdani open tody 4444444444447777777777777

Ameer Oct 05,2018 02:14PM

Time bazaar jodi 01,06,60,10,16,61

chandusmoney Oct 05,2018 11:58AM

JODI 99,55

KATHA Oct 05,2018 10:37AM


KATHA Oct 05,2018 10:36AM

Time bazaar Open to close 1....................6 Me jo bolega, Aisai girega. Loss cover Karo dhostho

chandusmoney Oct 05,2018 10:34AM

Single close cut huwa yaar jodi 690...52..129.....

Ameer Oct 05,2018 12:29AM

Main single close 77777777777..... ..pana 269......khelo aur jeto dost

Ameer Oct 04,2018 11:43PM

Mera single close pass huva......

chandusmoney Oct 04,2018 11:41PM

Milan night single close 4

chandusmoney Oct 04,2018 09:19PM

Today 5 game openn psss

SRI laxmi T Oct 04,2018 06:00PM

Kalyan close 2....................7

chandusmoney Oct 04,2018 05:08PM

Time single close 66666666..pana 349

Ameer Oct 04,2018 02:38PM

Stated playing on this site this week onwards and one of the best experience . Rates are very good and withdrawal also quick. Great experience. Looking forward to play more. Good job admin

arm79 Oct 04,2018 11:38AM

Today all game Opns 2 5 8 4 7 3

SRI laxmi T Oct 04,2018 11:05AM

Main close pana 460......single close 00000000000

Ameer Oct 03,2018 11:45PM

Main close 33...88

Dr jain Oct 03,2018 11:22PM

dost aj main milan rajdani night kheo otc 4 .5.8. jodi 249,140,170.369.347.455

Ameer Oct 03,2018 09:04PM

Mani mumbai P/c. 0. 5. 3. 8 50. 04. 72. 13. 21. jodi

G SANTHOSH Oct 03,2018 08:54PM

KALYAN otc 3.7

7887605910 Oct 03,2018 01:45PM

Good vikkyjd sir

SRI laxmi T Oct 03,2018 01:31PM

Vikkyjd bhai ky tum 100000 se upar win kiya h ky

Bhimuma Oct 02,2018 05:24PM


BASAVARAJ 123 Oct 02,2018 03:18PM

Kalyan otc

7887605910 Oct 02,2018 03:12PM

690___5 MILAN

BASAVARAJ 123 Oct 02,2018 02:20PM

579____1 MADUR LIVE

BASAVARAJ 123 Oct 02,2018 01:07PM

Milan close =7.6

E.srinivasreddy Oct 01,2018 09:29PM

Kalyan class 8 passsss

Bhimuma Oct 01,2018 07:04PM

Kalyan class 8 passsss

Bhimuma Oct 01,2018 07:04PM

Milan night 52,57

Powerstar Oct 01,2018 05:02PM

Milan night "5" Boss is back

Powerstar Oct 01,2018 05:00PM

Hi ffffn today 2,5,8 4,3.7 opn all gamss

SRI laxmi T Oct 01,2018 04:27PM


7887605910 Oct 01,2018 03:20PM

Aj rajdani open 2 aya ga

Ameer Oct 01,2018 02:54PM

Hi brothers Timbazar close 5-0 Pana. 267.249

E.srinivasreddy Oct 01,2018 02:38PM

Milan Opan only ((((((((5)))))))))

Bhimuma Oct 01,2018 12:48PM

Milan single open ..0 play

Shaiksadiq Sep 30,2018 01:48PM

Madhu closss 00000000000

Bhimuma Sep 29,2018 09:51PM

MADHUR NIGHT CLOSE 6666666666..99999999. 259..289. 367..379

SRMHAKAL Sep 29,2018 09:49PM

MILAN NIGHT CLOSE PANA 147..390 458..269. 222222222...77777777

SRMHAKAL Sep 29,2018 09:49PM

sab so gay kiyaa

SRMHAKAL Sep 29,2018 09:44PM

MILAN jodi 52 57 54 59 run

SRMHAKAL Sep 29,2018 09:36PM

MILAN NIGHT 02..07..52..57....04.09..54..59

SRMHAKAL Sep 29,2018 08:20PM


Bhimuma Sep 29,2018 07:27PM

KALYAAN CLOSE..77777777 458 269

SRMHAKAL Sep 29,2018 05:46PM

Hi all frends

vkm888 Sep 29,2018 05:22PM

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