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Good fast in withdrawing money Thank you

Ashok Kumar M Oct 17,2018 05:53PM

Kalyan close panel kya aayega bhai batao

Santoshlamani Oct 17,2018 05:42PM

hi how too many added

kallur Oct 17,2018 05:23PM

Instant cash withdraw I love this site..

Vish321 Oct 17,2018 03:52PM

milan 66666 pass

vkm888 Oct 17,2018 03:06PM

milan 66666 pass

vkm888 Oct 17,2018 03:06PM

Mujhe lagat hai 63 64 68 69 aayega aaj

Ravika Oct 17,2018 02:52PM

Kalyan Open 6 ayega

Fatima09 Oct 17,2018 02:44PM

Kalyan 3 or 8

Vish321 Oct 17,2018 02:15PM

Kalyan me kya aayega aaj yaar batado pls

Ravika Oct 17,2018 01:57PM

Excellent service and super fast withdrawl......Amount received within 30 min Thank you sir????????????

Piyush0017 Oct 17,2018 12:33PM

thaks bro

Ameer Oct 17,2018 12:30PM

good pemend sarvice witdawl 4200 fast good all palaymatka site

Ameer Oct 17,2018 12:29PM

Good afternoon all of you

Sharma0789 Oct 17,2018 12:23PM

game play your risk

vkm888 Oct 17,2018 12:17PM

milan 111111 666666

vkm888 Oct 17,2018 12:10PM

time 00000 111111

vkm888 Oct 17,2018 12:10PM

kalyan open 00000 ya 55555555 jodi-08 03 50 58 goodluk

vkm888 Oct 17,2018 12:09PM

Aj dost kalyan me 4678 otc khelo

Ameer Oct 17,2018 11:44AM

Or Kalyan main me me 9 game OTC leta hu kya is site par Bharosa kar sakte

Govind singh Oct 17,2018 11:38AM

Bhaio kya ye bharose mand site he me new hu is liye puch Raha hu

Govind singh Oct 17,2018 11:37AM

Main Mumbai close 6

Santoshlamani Oct 16,2018 10:10PM

main closs 0000000 ya 5555555 goodluk

vkm888 Oct 16,2018 10:07PM


Shridhar Oct 16,2018 09:35PM

127 main Mumbai

Ayaan3392 Oct 16,2018 09:15PM

Main Mumbai 99999999-7777777777 94-97 72-77 Good luck Apne hisab se khelo

Ravika Oct 16,2018 09:14PM

Mumbai Kya hoga

Ashok143 Oct 16,2018 08:37PM

Great full site for matka lovers anytime response team connect with players

Naath05 Oct 16,2018 08:04PM

Pls yaar dosto guessing forum dala karo na yaar

Ravika Oct 16,2018 06:34PM

nice service very good site to play sm

vvijaysharma Oct 16,2018 03:45PM

Bhai humra v waqqt khrb chl rha h. . .

amin12345 Oct 16,2018 12:05AM

Milan night Close 0

Fatima09 Oct 15,2018 10:51PM

Milan my 6 open

ramhari Oct 15,2018 08:04PM

Thanks boss maine aaj kalyan me 20 ka open 5 khela aur mujhe amount account me aa gaya

Ravika Oct 15,2018 07:30PM

Thank You sir Amount received within 15min. NYC service

amin12345 Oct 15,2018 04:47PM

Excellent service and super fast withdrawl

Kinjalghosh48 Oct 15,2018 04:32PM

Jodi 17 khelo frand

Ameer Oct 15,2018 04:29PM

Aj kal single open 111111111 khelo dosto

Ameer Oct 15,2018 04:29PM

Pamend sarvice weidrawl super fast goog all members thak you saar apka

Ameer Oct 15,2018 03:49PM

Kalyan 53 08 80 03 93 43 khelo aur jeeto

Ravika Oct 15,2018 01:19PM

Milan me otc 000

Suresh chand labaniya Oct 15,2018 11:45AM

Hi good morning all any best guesser here.

Sevenhills Oct 15,2018 11:19AM

I love this site ...100 % bharosa hai .....

Shaiksadiq Oct 15,2018 10:23AM

Very success site for matka lovers beliveable site for payments

Naath05 Oct 15,2018 10:20AM

Dp boss,,satta matka website Se money Tranfer Very Speed.. Trustble This Website Very great ....Suuuuuuuper

Fatima09 Oct 14,2018 10:26PM

Money Transfer Super fast This Website

Fatima09 Oct 14,2018 10:19PM

Dosto sach me yeh site trusted hai kya kyo ki mai pahli baar online play karne ja raha hu

Ravika Oct 14,2018 09:56PM


Sayedali Oct 14,2018 09:10PM

Today kalyan me he bhai

bhavesh1051 Oct 14,2018 02:57PM

0,4 day Milan.. 248,268,280,128,278

samir don Oct 14,2018 01:33PM

Full rates and trusted site for playing matka. Got withdrawal in just few hours. Nice work. Keep it on!!!

Bpm Oct 13,2018 06:01PM

Pana miss single 4 open pass????????????????

Rockympz Oct 13,2018 05:11PM

Today kalyan open 770-4

Rockympz Oct 13,2018 05:00PM

Single pna kalyan 670...............3333333333333

Ameer Oct 13,2018 04:34PM

Payment method very fast good respans

rajunelakanti Oct 13,2018 03:07PM

Specially congratulate to administrator ...payment method very fast and easy playing method for beginners.excellent sites

POST2011 Oct 13,2018 01:54PM

Veryyyy gud site withdraw timing was awsmmmmmmm play bindasss

Ashok88 Oct 13,2018 01:48PM

Saaare user ne request hai matkplay.net PE khelo kaam see kaam AAP logo ka amount safe to rahega

Nagraju Oct 13,2018 01:04PM

Bhai tu mast hai Maine aaj is site PE 30000 withdrawal Kiya aur wo bhi kuch hi der me..bhaut easy table hai play krne ke liye ..aur ye site sab se best site hai matka khelne ke liye ...saale baaki Saab chor hai

Nagraju Oct 13,2018 01:03PM

The first ever site Matka play...very pure and perfect... Fastest withdrawal... Very easy to play.. I m very thankful to Mr administrator to create this.. Very nice...

samir don Oct 13,2018 12:48PM

Main close 3,4,5

samir don Oct 12,2018 10:57PM

Main 279-8

saurav_rd Oct 12,2018 09:38PM

Milan night dathi jodi patva

pradipjadhao29 Oct 12,2018 07:55PM


Darshan cl Oct 12,2018 07:15PM

Kalyan close 0-5

Vish321 Oct 12,2018 06:18PM

Super fast withdraw..i have never seen like this site....play bindasssssssss in this site..and refer to alll dosto

Venky1017 Oct 12,2018 04:44PM

Very gud site....awsmmmmm...withdraw amount done in few minutesss..excellent sitee..thank uuuu admin sirrrrrrrrrrrr

Venky1017 Oct 12,2018 04:42PM

Ajkalyan 150 790 single 66666666 jodi 61 67

Ameer Oct 12,2018 03:56PM


Ameer Oct 12,2018 03:55PM

I have requested for withdrawal and they have done it in few minutes thank you admin

Ashok Kumar M Oct 12,2018 03:30PM


BASAVARAJ 123 Oct 12,2018 02:34PM

Hi vickey

Powerstar Oct 12,2018 02:18PM

Vikkyjd very good Jobe for main Mumbai 44444444

Arun0 Oct 11,2018 10:02PM

Nice site

Teja Oct 11,2018 07:49PM

Nice site

Teja Oct 11,2018 07:49PM

Two market open pass time 4 madhur 3 congratulations

Devdhruwa Oct 11,2018 01:11PM

I received my money in just few minutes..

srisailam Oct 11,2018 11:52AM

India's super fast service to withdraw Your valuable money...,,????????

srisailam Oct 11,2018 11:51AM

All day market 4 open Time bazar [0,5,4,9] Tara mumbai [3,8,0,5] Madhur day [3,8,0,5 Milan day [1,6,2,7] Rajdhani day [3,8,4,9 Kalyan [4,9,2,7]

Devdhruwa Oct 11,2018 11:45AM

Open fix batao Paisa khatam ho gaya hai

pradipjadhao29 Oct 11,2018 11:21AM

Time me open batao bhai

pradipjadhao29 Oct 11,2018 11:20AM

Hi gudmornin...very nice site.. Best to earn money...very fast withdrawal... This is the best site of playing Matka online

samir don Oct 11,2018 11:15AM

Bhai main mumbai me close kya aayega kisiko pata hai kya

Piyush0017 Oct 10,2018 11:09PM

Milan night 6

samir don Oct 10,2018 08:35PM

Kalyan close 3-8

saurav_rd Oct 10,2018 06:36PM

Bet record Kaise check Krna h

Arun0 Oct 10,2018 04:17PM

Bet record Jaise check Krna hai

Arun0 Oct 10,2018 04:16PM

Game chak karni nahi a raa

Teja Oct 10,2018 03:43PM

Haw to my game some ?

Teja Oct 10,2018 03:42PM

Klyan strong open hai kaya

vkm888 Oct 10,2018 03:30PM

Very well maintained service and quick response cash withdrawl is almost immediate

Kinjalghosh48 Oct 10,2018 03:13PM

Very good app and payment service also...

Mykohli Oct 10,2018 02:59PM

MADUR LIVE 199____9

BASAVARAJ 123 Oct 10,2018 01:07PM

VVV Gud app, payment gud.

TARA* Oct 10,2018 12:48PM

Kalyan O2C= 0. 2. 3. 6. 8. 9 O=8. 0. 9 J=81. 91

G SANTHOSH Oct 10,2018 06:32AM

Mubai 17.71

Teja Oct 09,2018 09:25PM

mumbai ke liye bhejo sir

pradipjadhao29 Oct 09,2018 09:10PM

Ameer sir Mumbai open ka panna no hai tu bejio sir

basu 2090 Oct 09,2018 08:34PM

Milan Might Single 269......((((((( 7777)))))

Dr jain Oct 09,2018 08:28PM

Mera pna pass 680""""gangrat kru bhai

Ameer Oct 09,2018 05:07PM

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