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Excellent Admin sir payment very fast. Most trusted site for playing

pcd123 Oct 25,2018 01:22PM

Forum check karo dosto ... 2 pss madur day game passs....daily pass ho raha he dosto.... Congrats all

Sanku Oct 25,2018 01:16PM

Kalyan ka strong open ho to hi batana ???????? bhai log loss ho jata hai

Sanwariya Oct 25,2018 12:33PM

This is good side Supar service Good team work Thanks marks.net team

Sharma0789 Oct 25,2018 11:49AM

Good afternoon all of you Guys

Sharma0789 Oct 25,2018 11:47AM

Madur day fix open 2-7-3-8 Game by king

Sanku Oct 25,2018 10:31AM

Milan 81______86

pcd123 Oct 25,2018 06:39AM

Taramumbai opens 2_____9

pcd123 Oct 25,2018 06:32AM

Madhur 16_____61

pcd123 Oct 25,2018 06:27AM

Time 13_____46

pcd123 Oct 25,2018 06:21AM

Fir se pass.....jaise bolo tha....daily pass ho raha he dosto... Congrats.....

Sanku Oct 25,2018 12:15AM

Mumbai clone

Ritikj844 Oct 24,2018 11:13PM

Mumbi cloz pass hoga hilega ni

Ashu007 Oct 24,2018 11:10PM

Mumbi cloz pass hoga hilega ni

Ashu007 Oct 24,2018 11:10PM

Main close 5_____6

pcd123 Oct 24,2018 10:05PM

Mumbai fix close 3-8-1-6 fix......game by king

Sanku Oct 24,2018 09:56PM

Forum check karo ......jaise maine bola tha 4-9 mumbai me pass ho gya Congrats dosto

Sanku Oct 24,2018 09:51PM

Madhur also passed

pcd123 Oct 24,2018 09:19PM

Thank u ravika

pcd123 Oct 24,2018 09:19PM

Congratulations pcd123 Milan night pass

Ravika Oct 24,2018 09:17PM

Thanks vikky sir

Ravika Oct 24,2018 09:04PM

Main Mumbai 26___76

pcd123 Oct 24,2018 08:47PM

Main 6666 Milan 5555

Dr jain Oct 24,2018 08:46PM

Main Mumbai. Open 222222 - 777777

Ravika Oct 24,2018 08:43PM

Rajdhani night Open 4 ----> 9

Ravika Oct 24,2018 08:41PM

Milan night Open 3 --> 8

Ravika Oct 24,2018 08:31PM

Madhur night opens 1_____9

pcd123 Oct 24,2018 08:10PM

Milan night opens 7_____8

pcd123 Oct 24,2018 08:09PM

Mumbai loss cover game 4-9-0-5 Fix.... Payment lo ajjj Game by king of kings

Sanku Oct 24,2018 07:37PM

Vikky sir aaj strong game do na main ka

Ravika Oct 24,2018 06:47PM

Main Mumbai Open 7--1--3--5 Jodi 10

PAYMENT Oct 24,2018 06:39PM

good side matka khele wish ka paisa whish ke saath bout achi side dost onli 5 minute widrawl anin amount member khelo aur jeeto dostu

Ameer Oct 24,2018 05:38PM

thak yau saar acepted mani

Ameer Oct 24,2018 05:35PM

Kalyan [1] aaya h close kya hoga

Sanwariya Oct 24,2018 05:20PM

Pleasechage Kalyan game timings

SHAIKSHAFI786 Oct 24,2018 04:20PM

Aur ek 51 kalyan

Santoshlamani Oct 24,2018 04:11PM

52 57 53 58 kalyan

Santoshlamani Oct 24,2018 04:09PM

Kalyan opens 1_____6

pcd123 Oct 24,2018 04:07PM

Rajpatil bhai kalyan? ????? Bayao ????

Sanwariya Oct 24,2018 03:56PM

Kalyan 4569 otc

SHADAB Oct 24,2018 03:06PM

Kalyan #9

Mahi777 Oct 24,2018 02:46PM


Mahi777 Oct 24,2018 02:45PM

Time colse very strong 0-5 2-7

Rajpatil1100 Oct 24,2018 01:52PM

Time close 3........8

pcd123 Oct 24,2018 01:31PM

Best site ... Thanks to adamin sir

basu 2090 Oct 24,2018 01:06PM

100% milata hai

basu 2090 Oct 24,2018 01:05PM

Best site ... ???? % withdrawal payment milata hai

basu 2090 Oct 24,2018 01:05PM

100% guarantee And good respond... play and earn money all the best

seenu123 Oct 24,2018 12:51PM


Dipam Oct 24,2018 12:38PM

Time 61..16...66..11?

Suri5566 Oct 24,2018 12:26PM

Time 33...88

Dr jain Oct 24,2018 12:15PM

Bhai aaj Time Bazar me kya ayega

Nitinrathod Oct 24,2018 11:53AM

Yes done payout before 4 hours i hv resived thanq team

goutham3366 Oct 24,2018 11:36AM

Times otc 6 2 5

Navodaya@6813 Oct 24,2018 11:17AM

Kalyan . . . 39 34 45 43

Thanks Oct 24,2018 08:50AM

Main close 1 6 4 9

Dr jain Oct 23,2018 11:27PM

Main close 2/7/5/8

Thanks Oct 23,2018 10:23PM

[5] Pass Mumbai

Sanwariya Oct 23,2018 10:04PM

5 open pass

Kg9685 Oct 23,2018 09:50PM

Mumbai fix otc 0 5 2 7

Kg9685 Oct 23,2018 08:53PM

Main 33...44

Dr jain Oct 23,2018 08:43PM


Dr jain Oct 23,2018 08:43PM

Milan night 339...... 59 29 589

Dr jain Oct 23,2018 08:37PM

Mumbai otc 4 6 7 8

Navodaya@6813 Oct 23,2018 07:51PM

Mumbai OTC [ 4] [5] [7] [8]

Sanwariya Oct 23,2018 07:33PM

mumbai me Kay ayga

pradipjadhao29 Oct 23,2018 07:31PM

Rajpatil bhai ji main Mumbai mai koi strong ho to batay

Sanwariya Oct 23,2018 07:24PM

Congracts bhai

Kg9685 Oct 23,2018 07:11PM

Rajpatil....bhai ...congrats 57 passss......

Sanku Oct 23,2018 07:09PM


Dr jain Oct 23,2018 06:15PM

KALYAN close 112..........4 117..........9

Dr jain Oct 23,2018 06:14PM

Kalyan ________clos 1________9

Suri5566 Oct 23,2018 05:56PM

dost tu close me kya aya bro koi tu bataw naa

Ameer Oct 23,2018 05:45PM

sab se achi side matka khelne ke liya bhaiyu pamend trenfer sirf minute me karde hai good wark all teams mad khelo kitna khale hai two bi khelo all matka member

Ameer Oct 23,2018 05:43PM

Kalyan fixxx open 1,2 don't miss playing

SHAIKSHAFI786 Oct 23,2018 05:03PM

It's amezing transection is very fast I have withdraw 10k within 15minits Supper site

Navodaya@6813 Oct 23,2018 03:52PM

52-57 Mujhe to aaj ye pass hoga lagta hai

Rajpatil1100 Oct 23,2018 03:42PM

Aaj kalyaan me kya strong hai.......bhai log

Rajpatil1100 Oct 23,2018 03:41PM

Milan close Single 9999 999999 9999999 999999999 9999999999 Sup...222...222

Dr jain Oct 23,2018 03:29PM

hello friends

Ajay40 Oct 23,2018 03:21PM

Hello everyone... Iam new here

SHADAB Oct 23,2018 02:46PM

TIME Close 888///111

Dr jain Oct 23,2018 02:34PM

Kalyan 33.35

Suri5566 Oct 23,2018 01:51PM

Milan...... 7----4

pcd123 Oct 23,2018 01:42PM

Recieved 3000 with in three hours trusted website

naga pavan Oct 23,2018 01:32PM

Congratulations all times open winners

Navodaya@6813 Oct 23,2018 01:31PM


Kg9685 Oct 23,2018 01:18PM

You r gr8 Dr jain

Kg9685 Oct 23,2018 01:18PM

Singl 7 pass

Dr jain Oct 23,2018 01:15PM

Thanks sir admin ji

Shaik riyaz Oct 23,2018 12:55PM

I LOVE matkaplay.net super fast money ..

Shaik riyaz Oct 23,2018 12:54PM

Very exlent site.... Very fast withdrawal same day ... Thanks to admin sir

basu 2090 Oct 23,2018 12:03PM

good respond and 100% guarantee game. play and enjoy the day.. all the best for all

seenu123 Oct 23,2018 12:01PM

TIME 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

Dr jain Oct 23,2018 11:42AM

times otc 2,7.9 play safe

Navodaya@6813 Oct 23,2018 11:00AM

Today timebazarr 1-6-4-9 otc Fix...... Game by king

Sanku Oct 23,2018 10:21AM

Yesterday close 6 pass..... Congrats...all Daily passing game .....so stay tuned ned

Sanku Oct 23,2018 10:20AM

Yesterday I have opted for withdrawal its happend same day... thanks admin

Ashok Kumar M Oct 23,2018 09:01AM

Today only 6 day

Shaik riyaz Oct 23,2018 12:20AM

Demo ha kal se fixx ank 2 or 2jodi 4 panna chiya kalyan and mumbai ma call and what's 9913248060 ok Mumbai. Close 77777777777777 44444444444444

Ritikj844 Oct 22,2018 11:58PM

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