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Apne adminji site pe kuchh update kar rahe h isliye madhur bnd karke rakhe h kal se

Kg9685 Nov 02,2018 11:29AM

Bhai time open post karo loss mai hu

Rohit Nov 02,2018 09:53AM

Good morning vickyjd bhai. Happy dewali for all matkaplay.net Members and adminji......

Kg9685 Nov 02,2018 09:34AM

Main close 3 pass

SHADAB Nov 02,2018 04:15AM

congrates sailu bhai madhur strong close 5 pass superb guess dear really lovely ..

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 10:54PM

Mumbai close --4--6--

Sailu Nov 01,2018 10:10PM

Very excellent site ... Very fast withdrawal ... 20000 same within hr.... Best site thanks admin sir

basu 2090 Nov 01,2018 09:53PM

Madhur night ka koi close pannel do bhaiyooo... sailu bhai once again congrates bro..

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 09:52PM

Main mumbai closeeeeeeeeeeeee-(((((888888888888))))))), support ((((((9999)))))))) good luck

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 09:49PM

vicky jd bro ...superb shoot dear really hates up . kamal khel te ho aap .. Happy diwali in advance bro... n happy diwali in all matka.net all dostooo

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 09:48PM

sailu bhai superb guessing dear really tusi great ho pajjji.. hatess up bro.. love u guess

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 09:46PM

Sailu bhai mumbai close post karo bhai plzzz

Kiran Nov 01,2018 09:40PM

congrtaes sailu bhai vicky brooo superb.....

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 09:39PM

Madhur close fix--3--5--

Sailu Nov 01,2018 09:30PM

Milan night signal open pass jodi range

Sailu Nov 01,2018 09:28PM

Super sailu bhai single pass Milan what a genious

pcd123 Nov 01,2018 09:19PM

Main Mumbai 1 6 4 9

Surendra Singh rajput Nov 01,2018 09:02PM

Main mumbai- 64----69 14-----19

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 08:50PM

Main otc 3480

SHADAB Nov 01,2018 08:24PM

Sailu bhai main mumbai post karo

pcd123 Nov 01,2018 08:19PM

Madhur night --65--60--10--15

Sailu Nov 01,2018 07:47PM

Daily bhai really great great thank you sooo much bhai

Kiran Nov 01,2018 07:46PM

Milan night fix open ---88---84---

Sailu Nov 01,2018 07:45PM

Sailu bhai really ur great....???????????????????? ur really genius...

Kiran Nov 01,2018 07:45PM

Thanks all members

Sailu Nov 01,2018 07:40PM

thank u sili baahu what a guess brooo.. superb.. tusi great ho broo ..hats up

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 07:40PM

really super fast withdrawl with in 3 min.. play bindass dostoo.. thank u admin sirr, most trustable and wonderfull site never seen ever.

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 07:39PM

Sailu bhai Milan night sir

pcd123 Nov 01,2018 07:39PM

Sailu bhai you r a gr8 guesser aj 3 market ki jodi pass vo bhi singla ank k saath.apne sbki bahut help ki loss cover karva diya sbka. Thankyou so much

Kg9685 Nov 01,2018 07:31PM

Really great 100% trustable site easy withdrawn

Kiran Nov 01,2018 07:20PM

Really great 100% treatable site

Kiran Nov 01,2018 07:18PM

You r right jdkingji

Kg9685 Nov 01,2018 07:16PM

Thanks sir

MATKAPLAY.NET Nov 01,2018 07:06PM

Fix 6,9 k.close

samir don Nov 01,2018 06:23PM

Kalyan close 9

samir don Nov 01,2018 06:22PM

Made very easy

samir don Nov 01,2018 06:20PM

Nice changes

samir don Nov 01,2018 06:20PM

Best site

samir don Nov 01,2018 06:18PM

I never seen thats like matka site becs of good responseyou,take payment in few minuits,best guessers are available,and most is game rate is high so this is best site

Kg9685 Nov 01,2018 06:05PM

Congratulations sadaba sir 3 open pasd

basu 2090 Nov 01,2018 05:21PM

congrates sailu dear kalyan open pass

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 05:20PM

Congratulations sailu sir madhura 22 pass milan 29 pass Kalyan 3 open pass 37 running

basu 2090 Nov 01,2018 05:17PM

Kala close

Dr jain Nov 01,2018 05:17PM

shadab open pass 3

Ameer Nov 01,2018 05:16PM

sailu bhai ka open pass 3,,,,,jodi runing 37

Ameer Nov 01,2018 05:15PM

kalyan open 300.....3

Ameer Nov 01,2018 05:14PM

thks yau saar widrwal very ezy jetna khelna hai khelo dostu aur jeeto dipowali achi manaw

Ameer Nov 01,2018 05:11PM

sailu sar thks yau milan jodi 29 pass madur 22 passs gongrat

Ameer Nov 01,2018 04:35PM

Today full 2 ka day ..... Madhura 22 time 22 Milana 2 rajdani 2..

basu 2090 Nov 01,2018 03:49PM

Sailu sir kalyan game

Navodaya@6813 Nov 01,2018 03:12PM

Kalyan --56--01--82--37

Sailu Nov 01,2018 03:12PM

Klayan Jodi....single 29

Bharat14 Nov 01,2018 03:09PM

Kalyan otc 2357

SHADAB Nov 01,2018 02:51PM

Thanks for all members

Sailu Nov 01,2018 02:47PM

Kalyan game post kijie sailu sir

Navodaya@6813 Nov 01,2018 02:40PM

Sailu sir thusi grate ho

Navodaya@6813 Nov 01,2018 02:37PM

Sailu sir thus I grateful

Navodaya@6813 Nov 01,2018 02:36PM

congrates sailu dear .. milan 0pen pass & madhur jodi pass

sriganesh Nov 01,2018 02:24PM

Congrats sailu sir madhura day Jodi pass

basu 2090 Nov 01,2018 02:15PM

Kalyan 257--4

Vish321 Nov 01,2018 01:55PM

AJ KALYAN ME JODI 02..15...25...56...74...... STRONG 15

Ameer Nov 01,2018 01:52PM

Cong to sailu bhai and vikky bhai

pcd123 Nov 01,2018 01:23PM

Sabhi best ho but I'm confused for play

Kg9685 Nov 01,2018 12:43PM

Time bajar single shot 98.....

Dr jain Nov 01,2018 12:42PM

Rajdhani day --30--35--80--85--

Sailu Nov 01,2018 10:19AM

Madhur day ---22--27--77--72--

Sailu Nov 01,2018 10:17AM

Milan day ----24--29--64--69--

Sailu Nov 01,2018 10:15AM

Time ----34--84---39--89--

Sailu Nov 01,2018 10:14AM

super fast payout good luck team love it

goutham3366 Nov 01,2018 09:40AM

Sorry 4 pass

SHADAB Oct 31,2018 11:15PM

Main 6 pass

SHADAB Oct 31,2018 11:13PM

Main Mumbai coles 1 6 0 5

Surendra Singh rajput Oct 31,2018 10:31PM

Main Mumbai Open pass .............. Jodi runnn

sriganesh Oct 31,2018 09:46PM

congrates sailu broo.. nice guess

sriganesh Oct 31,2018 09:19PM

Milan night open pass jodi rang

Sailu Oct 31,2018 09:16PM

thank u jd broooooo..

sriganesh Oct 31,2018 08:54PM

Mumbai ka pain---------------42------------46 30------------35

sriganesh Oct 31,2018 08:46PM

kese ho vicky bro shivaya88 hu change my id .. congrates for taj king . superb shoot

sriganesh Oct 31,2018 08:44PM

Mumbai 10,01,30,03

Pinky4444 Oct 31,2018 08:26PM

MILan 85,58

Pinky4444 Oct 31,2018 08:25PM

Main open 9654

SHADAB Oct 31,2018 08:25PM

Milan night --14--19--64--69--

Sailu Oct 31,2018 07:32PM

Madhur night fix ---75--70--25--20

Sailu Oct 31,2018 07:30PM

Vikki Bhai please Milan night ka open bolo

Milan king Oct 31,2018 07:30PM

Really love this site very easy money WITH drawl

Milan king Oct 31,2018 07:29PM

Hi Vikki bhai

Milan king Oct 31,2018 07:28PM

Kalyan close 6.10 band

KATHA Oct 31,2018 06:16PM

Kalyan open 9pass

SHADAB Oct 31,2018 05:55PM

kalyan jodi 55,,57,,00,,,03,,,02,,, pana 780....578....

Ameer Oct 31,2018 03:45PM

Sailu bhai kha ho r

Kg9685 Oct 31,2018 02:57PM

Kalya otc 4569

SHADAB Oct 31,2018 02:49PM

kalya ajj sirf jodi 55

Ameer Oct 31,2018 02:20PM

Kalyan 4----1

Vish321 Oct 31,2018 02:11PM


Ameer Oct 31,2018 01:13PM


Ameer Oct 31,2018 01:12PM

Thank u Admin sir speed withdrawal fully satisfied and the best site for playing

pcd123 Oct 31,2018 12:31PM


Ameer Oct 31,2018 12:30PM

Ithna speed response best site

Suri5566 Oct 31,2018 12:26PM

Fully satisfied with their service quick withdrawl great job admin

Kinjalghosh48 Oct 31,2018 12:12PM

Best site.. Best response.. Fastest withdrawal.. Fully satisfied..thanks Mr admin

Pinky4444 Oct 31,2018 12:10PM

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